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Celebrations 2022

Various facets of Navaratri all over India



Happy Navaratri to one and all !!

There are many practices associated with SharanNavratri, the festival of nine nights beginning on the first day of Sharad Ritu, indicating the onset of the Autumn festivities. Dedicated to the Trinity of goddesses Sri Durga, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswati, the Navaratri festival is celebrated in different parts of India in a variety of ways.


While people in the Northern part of India mark Navaratri with fasting and enacting numerous events from Ramlila, people from Eastern India worship Devi steadfastly as Durga Pooja culminating in the festivities of the grand Durga-devi processions. In the West, Navaratri is celebrated with fasting and the popular Garba dances.


In the Southern part of India, Navaratri is a unique combination of festivities, worship, sharing and giving. Of special significance is the decorated display of dolls and figurines of human beings, idols of gods and goddesses and events related to the Puranas and Itihasas. The spiritual significance of display dolls is a recognition of Devi as the Energy and Matter principle that pervades the entire universe.

It is Popularly known as Bommai Golu or the Navratri Golu in Tamil, Gombe Habba in Kannada and Bomma Koluvu in Telugu. As per this tradition, the dolls and figurines are placed on make-shift steps of odd numbers, each progressive step subtly indicating the spiritual progress of the human mind. The kalasam (a jar with water inside and a full coconut on top) is kept in the middle to draw positive energies from all around.


As a recognition of the Navaratri festivities, we are pleased to share this traditional display of dolls in Sri Matam and also by members of Brahmavidya Foundation from all across the globe.

May the Trinity of Goddesses Sri Durga-Lakshmi-Saraswati shower their bountiful blessings for peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness of all human kind.

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